230 V, 37.5 to 41.5 A, 18 kW, 3-Phase, Electric Heater

103062 MFG #: WKF1804
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Point Suspension Element Support System Which Eliminates Hot Spots to Extend Heater Life; 100 Percent Fail Safe Back-Up Safety Limit, Non-Mechanical, Field Replaceable; Each 5 Kilowatt Element Controlled by a Chatter and Rapid-Cycle Resistant Contactor; Time Delay Between Steps Which Recycles on Power Interruption or Brown-Out; No Off Delay (as with Bi-Metal Sequencers) to Increase Seer Rating and Prevent Heating Overshoot; Protective Frame Around the Element to Prevent Damage to Elements During Shipping, Handling or Installation; Modular Control Plug for Installation Ease; Customized Barcode Labeling
Electric Heater; Voltage Rating 230 Volt; Current Rating 37.5 to 41.5 Amp; Power Rating 18 Kilowatt; Number of Phases 3; Approval ETL