Coil Cleaner, Light Straw

104248 MFG #: 4148-32
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Cal-Shield will Shield and Protect the Coil from Adverse Conditions Within the Operating Environment; Use of Cal-Shield will Allow the Coil to Operate for Longer Periods Between Cleaning; This Enables the Coil to Perform More Efficiently for a Longer Period of Time; Formulated with DuPont Teflon Surface Protector; Ready-to-Use Formulation; Forms Protective Shield on Coils; Reduces Ability of Dirt and Grime to Adhere to Coil; Makes Next Cleaning Easier; Extends Life of Coils Operating in Corrosive Environments like Salt Air and Food Acids; Enables Coil to Perform at Designed Efficiency
Coil Cleaner; Cleaner Type Liquid; Container Type Spray Bottle; Container Capacity 1 Quart; Composition Citric Acid, Water; Application Air Cooled Condenser, Evaporator Coil, Finned Heating, Cooling Coil; Color Light Straw; Applicable Standard FDA; Specific Gravity 1.01; pH Value 3.3 to 4.8; Boiling Point 212 Deg F