Refrigerant Leak Detector - PROWLER

105124 MFG #: LD-5000
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Extremely Accurate for All HFC, HCFC and Blended Refrigerants as Well as New HFO Refrigerants; Leak Indicator Bar Graph, Audible Alert and Vibration in Handle; Sensor Life Tested to be Greater than 10 Years, Unique in the Industry; Safe to Use in Combustible Atmospheres; Low Battery Consumption, Excellent Circuit Stability, Extremely Long Sensor Life and Electrochemical Function of Sensor Life Does Not Diminish Over Time or with Use; Sensitivity Can be Programmed to High, Medium, Low; Audible Alarm Can be Muted; 24 Month, 10 Year (Sensor Life) Warranty
Refrigerant Leak Detector; Item Leak Detector; Used On Item Refrigerant System; Applicable Standard CE, ASHRAE 173, EN 14624, SAE J2791/J2913