Wetting Agent, Clear Red

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Con Det Wetting Agent is a Proprietary Blend of Anionic Surfactants is Specially Formulated for Use in Fresh Water, Salt Water and in Low-Solids Drilling Fluids; Slow Breakup of Cuttings While Being Transported from Bit to Surface; Counteract the Sticking Tendencies of Clays, thereby Reducing Wall Packing, Bit Balling, Booting-Off and Formation of Mud Rings; Settling of Cuttings at the Surface in Low Solids Fluid Systems; Effective in Low Concentrations; Easy to Mix with Water; Biodegradable
Wetting Agent; Item Wetting Agent; Form Liquid; Color Clear Red; pH Value 8.9; Specific Gravity 1.03; Flash Point 210 Deg F; Pour Point 28 Deg F; Capacity 5 Gallon