1400 Deg F Hot Junction 780 Deg F Cold Junction Thermocouple - 30 mV, 24" L

25365 MFG #: Q390A1046/U
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The Q390A Thermocouples Sense the Pilot Flame on Standing Pilot Gas-Fired Heating Systems; The Pilot Flame Heats the Tip of the Thermocouple, Producing a Temperature Differential Between it and the Base to Generate 30 Millivolt; Push-In Clip, Split Nut or Adapter Assembly Available for Easy Pilot Burner Installation; Male Nut Connector for Pilotstat Safety Control Power Unit
Thermocouple; Temperature Measuring Range 1400 Deg F (Hot Junction), 780 Deg F (Cold Junction); Length 24"; Connection Type 11/32"-32 TPI Male Threaded Connector Nut; Application Standing Pilot; Voltage Rating 30 Millivolt; Output Voltage 26 to 32 Millivolt (Open Circuit); Resistance 0.02 Ohm; Includes Adapter and Push-In Clip