1.46 Oz, Blue, Leak Freeze Air Conditioner Leak Sealant

382775 MFG #: 45315
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Single Use Disposable; Polymer Free Nano Formula; Low Loss Safety Fitting; Ready to Use; Safe for System; Non-Flammable; Non-Toxic; POP Packaged; Infuse into System Using Standard HVAC Manifold; Recyclable
Air Conditioner Leak Sealant; Container Capacity 1.46 Ounce; Color Blue; Application Air Conditioning and Refrigeration System, Copper and Aluminum Coil, TXV Valve, Micro Channel, Evacuation Equipment and Gauge; Applicable Standard OEM; Odor Blue Oil/Petroleum; Flash Point 379 Deg F; Boiling Point 320 Deg F at 760 Millimeter Hg; Specific Gravity 0.85 to 0.88 at 60 Deg F