4 X 4 X 4" Fabricated PVC Down Spout Adapter

66733 MFG #: 040972
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Solvent Welded Joints are Designed to Resist Tremendous Tensile Loads and will Not Pull Apart; In Fact, Tests have Demonstrated the Pipe itself will Fail Before the Solvent Welded Joint; Solvent Welding Creates a Liquid Tight Seal, Providing Leak-Proof Joints for Sewer Fittings and Therefore Eliminating Underground Water Infiltration and Exfiltration; The Result is Substantial Savings in Sewage Treatment Costs for Municipalities; Solvent Weld Sewer Fittings Demonstrate Exceptional Chemical Resistance to Acids, Alkaline and Hydrocarbons as Well as Aggressive Soil Conditions; They are also Highly Resistant to Abrasion, Making them Ideal for Transporting Abrasive Effluent Even in High Velocity Sewer Systems
Adapter Fitting; Type Down Spout; Size A 4"; Size B 4"; Schedule SDR 35; End Connection Solvent Weld x Solvent Weld; Material PVC; Material Specification ASTM D2729/D3034; Process Fabricated; Application Sewer; Packaging Quantity 1 per Crate