40 / 5 Microfarad 370 VAC 50 / 60 Hz AC Motor Run Capacitor - Blue Box, 2-Section, Aluminum, Round

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Dual Section Run Capacitors are Used Primarily to Serve Two Microfarad Applications; They Can, However, by Making Various Combinations of Parallel Connections, be Used to Obtain Many Other Microfarad Rating; Mars Offers the Widest Selection of Rating in the Industry; Non-PCB Capacitors; Physical Interrupter Makes Our Capacitors Safe; Perfect for General Replacement
Motor Run Capacitor; Type Motor Run Capacitor, 2-Section; Used On AC Motor; Voltage Rating 370 Volt AC 50/60 Hertz; Capacitance 40/5 Microfarad; Shape Round; Overall Dimension 2 Inch Width x 4.375 Inch Height; Height 3.875 Inch; Material Aluminum; Base Type N; Temperature Rating -40 to 70 Deg C; Number of Terminal 4/3/2; Physical State Liquid; Color Clear, Pale Yellow; Specific Gravity 1.135 Gram per Cubic Centimeter; Flash Point 610 Deg F; Approval UL, CUL, CSA